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Our Goal is 17 Countries

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400 selected students per campus

9 Essential Elements

New Teaching System


The mission of Mandala World Equestrian Corporation is to provide to the world its New Education System as an important paradigm shift in the way people learn, utilizing its website and school campuses for children, adults and seniors around the World. Students, upon graduation will be able to lead a more balanced and productive life while contributing value to society.


Mandala World Equestrian Corporation School Campuses are designed as a green, sustainable, healthy ecological environment, using Biomimicry and Biophilic Architecture that emulates systems and processes of nature, using the sunflower as the design metaphor.

The methodology of Brain-Targeted Teaching focuses on six brain targets in order to provide the student with a true learning opportunity, and our customized curriculum is built around the consideration of each brain target. One of the six brain targets to be satisfied is the emotional climate of the student. With our methodology being informed by neuroscience, cognitive and psychological sciences, these neuroscientists have depicted interactions between the emotional brain system (limbic system) and the cognitive brain systems. The limbic system is the anatomical brain structure responsible for our emotional responses. Information coming into the brain to be processed passes initially through the limbic system before passing to the cognitive brain system.
Therefore, if stress or lack of ability to concentrate due to emotional trouble creates an inability to process the information correctly, authentic learning is significantly impaired.

In order to satisfy the emotional climate of the student, each lesson will be integrated with a series of activities to allow a self-evaluation of the student’s current emotional climate. This self-evaluation by the student can open the door to transform what may be considered a negative emotional climate into a positive. In our equestrian academy we not only offer the opportunity for hands on learning, riding opportunities, and building a connection between the equine partner and student, but we are also able to offer the unique ability for the students to partake in equine therapy. Our goal is to utilize equine therapy as an effective way to tap into a student’s limbic system (emotional brain system) to enhance learning. Educators are encouraged to deliberately plan for positive emotional connections from utilization of the equine therapy program, and to create a positive working and educational environment for everyone within the institution.