About Us

Mandala World Equestrian Academy offers an advanced educational program for the well-rounded development of students. We understand that in order for students to learn, the student as a whole must be taken into consideration. As an institution, the academic curriculums are built upon the methodology of brain-targeted teaching. Each one of our academic courses, in each of our academies, are specifically designed with the brain targeted teaching method at the center, but also with academic state standards guiding the development of our academic courses. Brain-Targeted Teaching (BTT) ™ takes into consideration the emotional aspect of a student, as well as their physical surroundings to bring about a deeper learning and a heightened educational experience.

In our Equestrian Academy, students will have the opportunity to learn basic skills in caring and maintenance of equines, or will allow students to increase their knowledge of equines. Our courses include horsemanship, but also include anatomy of a horse, being able to discern different breeds, and discussing horse health and maintenance of health. Alongside learning about equines, these courses allow our students to develop essential life skills such as patience, empathy, compassion, discipline, care-taking, understanding, self-control, and dedication.

In addition to being able to learn about horses, students will have hands on opportunities for learning with the Equestrian Academy horses. Students will be responsible for the nutrition, care, and fitness of the horses. Our faculty will inform students about proper horse-riding equipment, safe handling of equines, proper methods in grooming, as well as learning the nuances of how equines communicate with each other through body language. Students are given the opportunity to learn new skills, or expand on their knowledge.

Alongside the ability to engage with an equine partner, students will have the opportunity to for positive mental health connections. Creating an environment that satisfies not only the physical setting as a peaceful place to learn, we are creating an environment that allows students to learn in an emotionally comfortable space. Giving the students the opportunity to make the connection, and create a bond with an equine partner creates a comfortability in the student, and allows for deeper, long-term learning with the emotional brain targeted being satisfied. Our method is a wholistic approach to education, creating a learning environment that is physically and emotionally comfortable in which to learn.