Equestrian Academy for Discipline and Dedication

Mandala World Equestrian Academy offers an advanced educational program for the well-rounded development of students. We understand that in order for students to learn, the student as a whole must be taken into consideration. As an institution, the academic curriculums are built upon the methodology of brain-targeted teaching. Each one of our academic courses, in each of our academies, are specifically designed with the brain targeted teaching method at the center, but also with academic state standards guiding the development of our academic courses. Brain-Targeted Teaching (BTT) ™ takes into consideration the emotional aspect of a student, as well as their physical surroundings to bring about a more thoughtful educational experience.

In our Equestrian Academy, students will have the opportunity to learn basic skills in caring and maintenance of equines, or will allow students to increase their knowledge of equines. Our courses include horsemanship, but also include anatomy of a horse, being able to discern different breeds, and discussing horse health and maintenance of health. Alongside learning about equines, these courses allow our students to develop essential life skills such as patience, empathy, compassion, discipline, care-taking, understanding, self-control, and dedication.

What Our Courses Offer
Our Equestrian Academy is more than simply learning about horses, as students will have hands on opportunities for learning with the Equestrian Academy horses. Students will be responsible for the nutrition, care, and fitness of the horses. Our faculty will inform students about proper horse-riding equipment, safe handling of equines, proper methods in grooming, as well as learning the nuances of how equines communicate with each other through body language.

And yes, students will have the option to ride as well. Our aim is to educate the student on all aspects of the horse, and offer the opportunity to increase their riding abilities and skills.

Alongside being able to learn and the potential opportunity to ride our academy horses, Mandala World Equestrian Academy also offers a program in Equine Therapy, which is also available to be utilized by our students. Our Equine Therapy program will allow students to connect with the animals during difficult times, if they are feeling down, if they are feeling lonely, lost, left out or simply need an opportunity to connect. Equine Therapy is a unique way to allow the student to build a relationship and change the mindset and outlook of a student. Our holistic methodology finds the importance of the students’ mental health, and we are taking steps to create a unique learning environment. We have skilled professionals that will assist our students through these difficult situations utilizing the horses to make these necessary connections and to change the student’s thought process and to hopefully impart happiness and sense of well-being.

Our goal at Mandala World Equestrian Academy is to nurture all aspects of a child’s life, not simply impart knowledge. We take the holistic approach, and understand that in order for a student to effectively learn they must be emotionally sound. We are offering the opportunity for students to change their educational trajectory, but also their emotional disposition.

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