What is Mandala World Equestrian Academy?

Mandala World Equestrian Academy is a unique educational opportunity built upon a new, cutting-edge method of teaching and learning.

What grade levels do you teach, or plan to teach?

Mandala World Equestrian Academy is currently developing curriculum for grades 6th, 7th, and 8th.

What makes Mandala World Equestrian Academy unique?

Mandala World Equestrian Academy is developing cutting edge curriculum based on the method of brain-targeted teaching. Not only are we offering a new method of teaching and learning, all campuses are equestrian properties and will have the opportunity to connect with and learn with horses.

What is brain-targeted teaching?
Brain-targeted teaching is a cutting-edge teaching methodology informed by research from the learning sciences including neuroscience, cognitive science, and experimental psychology and focuses on the six brain targets of learning. The six brain targets of learning are emotional climate, physical environment and physical health, learning design, teaching for mastery, teaching for application, and evaluating learning.
Is Mandala World Equestrian Academy focused on standardized testing?

No, Mandala World Equestrian Academy is not constrained by the strictures of standardized testing as we are a private institution. Our focus is wholistic education, and creating an environment for the teaching and learning process to thrive.

What is “Mandala World Equestrian Academy”?

Mandala World Equestrian Academy’s brain targeted teaching approach focuses on creating an emotionally pleasant space, as well as a physically appealing space in which to learn. Neuroscience and cognitive science have informed practitioners that emotions and emotional connections to learning are an important part of your educational experience. Negative emotions can impact your educational experience and your ability to learn. Starting out in each lesson, students will be asked to respond to questions that will help them connect with thoughts and feelings
about their emotions in order to create a better learning experience.

Also, Mandala World Academy’s brain targeted teaching focuses on creating an appealing physical environment in which to learn. We will ask students to reflect on their physical learning environment. We also know that the physical environment and how you feel physically will affect your learning experiences. We want students to work in spaces that enhance learning and flexibility to take breaks, go outside for exercise and recreation.